Because the name of the company (Value, Development and Innovation) is a true reflection of its philosophy: creating reliable, robust and cost-effective products based on the latest technologies in order to be competitive in international markets, maximizing the generated VALUE and rapidly amortizing the development investments.


Because our customers request us: "make what the market demands instead of trying to sell what is being produced." That is the reason of the importance we give to the market-oriented approach. We like to participate proactively from the earliest phases of market research and conceptual analysis of the product together with the Sales and Marketing Departments of our clients. Thus, understanding their markets, it can be guaranteed that the final product meets the positioning and time to market requirements. The closeness, involvement and teamwork ability, turn VDI into another department of your company.
Because having an experienced development department is the safest way to begin to explore new markets with confidence, to complete a range of products or upgrade existing ones efficiently, without risks or uncertainty.
Because we adapt to the specific needs of every client. Their satisfaction is our goal, and therefore we do not offer just services, but solutions. Adopting the win-win model is the way to achieve strong long time relationships with our clients so that they feel comfortable. VDI offers different choices including confidentiality, privacy and technology transfer options which allow to fulfill your needs, whether you require the development of a part for your products, or a complete development and manufacturing solution. Regardless of the number of units or your previous experience in the development of electronic products, please contact us without any commitment. In VDI we understand your needs.
Because we know that from the launch of a product, and throughout all its life cycle, technical support is needed, VDI offers a guarantee of assistance, which can range from consultation to technical support for redesigns, fairs etc. ..


Because in the current markets, not stepping fordward is stepping backwards


BecauseInnovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”. -Peter Drucker-
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